The complete IFSC codes database

In the age of information and communication technology, banks are adopting integrated systems that enable account holders to access their accounts from anywhere across the globe with just a few clicks. Realizing the potential of net banking, Indian banks are trying to make the process of monetary transactions as accessible and fast as possible.

If your goal as a customer is to transfer money from one account to another and the beneficiary holds an account with another bank, it is necessary to fill in the IFSC or Indian Financial System Code to authorize the transfer. Once the beneficiary is added, the IFSC links both the accounts and navigates your bank to transfer the funds to the beneficiary's bank account.

If you are hunting for the IFSC number of a particular bank, then you can browse where you can access all bank details for free. The IFSC number is crucial for all money transactions that take place between any two banks across the country.

Conceptualized by the Reserve Bank of India, the IFSC does the job of cataloguing individual bank branches across the country. Indian banks use the IFSC for any payment made through RTGS or NEFT systems for transferring money between banks in India.

Every bank has a unique IFSC code which is an eleven (11) digit code where the first four characters are alphabetical characters representing the bank, the fifth digit is kept as a reserve for the future and is always zero and the remaining six (6) characters are the identification numbers given to the bank's individual branch. These digits are based on the state, district, city and branch of the bank.

Most banks put up a list of their branches' data on their websites. However, hunting this information across the internet is a tedious process. If you want the IFSC for any particular bank quickly, you can find it in seconds in our website. Here you will find the complete and accurate database of all bank branches in the country. Our database includes the latest branches opened, their addresses, location details (state, district, city) and detailed contact information. We have taken extra care to make our site as user friendly as possible. You can either search by typing in the free-text input field any information you have (like IFSC, bank name, state, city, branch, MICR code, etc) or just browse and select the bank in the list with all banks in India, or in the list with all the states or union territories of India.